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north korean leader kim jong un to stop the provocations. >> rather than threaten to abrogate and threaten to move in some new direction, the world would be better served if he would direct his people and make a decision himself to engage in a legitimate dialogue. >> u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon said he's concerned about what he called provocative rhetoric. >> this year marks the 60th anniversary of the 1953 armistice agreement of the korean war. i reiterate the importance of this critical agreement. >> ban urged north korean officials to build trust that will lead to stability in the korean peninsula. but building trust doesn't seem to be a priority right now for authorities in pyongyang. along with vowing to scrap the armistice, they are also threatening to carry out a nuclear attack on the u.s. the wednesday edition of the ruling party newspaper "rodong sinmun," says north korea has varied and precise means of nuclear attack. it goes on to say authorities would turn not only seoul but also washington into a sea of fire if the united states flaunts its nuclear weapons.
>>> north korean leader kim jong-un has ordered the military to get ready for strikes against u.s. targets. >>> north korea, iran and syria have blocked a u.n. treaty intended to regulate the global arms trade. >>> and an nhk investigation into went went wrong at fukushima daiichi shows they could have avoided one of the melt downs if they had known the inner workings better. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." the u.s. secretary of defense says north korea's provocative actions and belligerent tone have ratcheted up the danger on the korean peninsula. chuck hagel said leaders in pyongyang used heated rhetoric for years, but he said people have to understand there's a new reality. >> we will unequivocally defend and we are unequivocally committed to that alliance with south korea as well as our other allies in that region of the world. and we will be prepared. we have to be prepared to deal with any eventuality there. >> hagel said there are a lot of unknowns, but he said u.s. officials have to take every provocative word and action seriously. maidle made the comments hours aft
was crucified. >> kim jong un has ordered north korean market forces on standby to strike the united states and south korea. the u.s. secretary of defense has denounced the provocative action. >> he met with top military leaders and ordered the preparation that to two u.s. stealth bombers flew over south korea. the north korean military has staged a massive rally in support of the operation to prepare for a massive attack. >> thousands accounting "death to the u.s. imperialists cornerman after a call to arms against south korea and the united states. over the border in south korea, many are worried p'yongyang might act on its debts. there's been a string of worrying signs, including the latest nuclear test in february. tendons on the peninsula are high. >> i am nervous. i do not want north korea to talk like that, but we cannot control them. i am afraid they target the u.s. if that happens, we could be attacked, too. >> north korea is taking a strong stance, but they do not think they are going to get anywhere with this behavior. i think they have to come to the negotiating table for talks.
is to become an economic power and improve the standard of living. state run tv reported that kim jong un made the speech at a meeting of industrial workers in pyongyang. he id denounced the joint exercises. pyongyang watchers say kim jong's announcement is over severe economic conditions. he is now reportedly the father of a baby girl. a source familiar with north korea/china relationsing told nhk that kim's wife gave birth in late january. the source learned about the birth from an official of the ruling korean worker's party. former player dennis rodman visited the country. he said she talked about her new born daughter at a bang kwets. rumors began circulating last year that kim's wife was expecting a birth. people say she must have given birth because she looks slimmer in recent pictures >>> he has succeeded as the bank of japan's 31st governor. he told a recent diet hearing that he want does do whatever is needed to achieve the 2% inflation target. in upcoming policy meeting, he's expected to focus on easing measures. these would include the bank's purchase of government bonds. it buys b
such an attack would mark the end of kim jong-un's regime. south korean president park geun-hye issued a stern warning. >> reporter: any country that focuses exclusively on strengthening its military power while people are starving is bound to face self-destruction. >>> china is north korea's biggest ally but it too supports the latest u.n. sanction. james tengan is in beijing covering our series china, change and challenge. james, how is the story on the korean peninsula playing occupant there? >> reporter: yes, gene. li keqiang and xi jinping are expected to be confirmed as vice premier and president at next week's national people congress. chinese government officials are trying to show they are doing what they can to keep the peace. a foreign ministry spokesperson appealed to leaders in north and south korea to let cooler heads >>> china is north korea's biggest ally but it too supports the latest u.n. sanction. the country is in the process of a leadership transition. james tengan is in beijing covering developments as part of our series, "china, change and challenge." james, how is the s
committee. he said he's concerned about north korean leader kim jong-un. >> the rhetoric, while it is propaganda laced is also an indicator of their attitude and perhaps their intent. so far my part i am very concerned about what they might do and they're certainly -- if they so chose, could initiate a provocative action against the south. >> clapper said the central intelligence agency will increase surveillance in the region. >>> defense ministry officials in taiwan say china remains a military threat and hasn't ruled out using force against the island. they outlined their concerns in a new report and they say they're not yet ready to take part in military exchanges with their chinese counterparts. the defense report comes out once every four years. it notes taiwan's relations with china have improved since president jo took office in 2008 but the report says chinese leaders haven't given up on the option of using force against taiwan. it points out the chinese navy is already capable of blockading taiwan and stopping u.s. intervention. the report says u.s. authorities in beij
within the north korean leadership, and kim jong un may be trying to shore up popular support. >> we take a look at other stories making news around the world. >> china has named its new premier. missed that one. u.s. president barack obama says iran is about a year away from being able to build a nuclear bomb. obama told israeli tv that the u.s. is willing to use military force to prevent iran from getting the bomb if diplomacy fails. >> nearly 200,000 people have been killed in iraq since the u.s. invasion almost 10 years ago according to a new study. researchers in the u.s. say the cost of the war has been more than $2 trillion. >> on a very different note, we have a look at sports now. and then there were eight -- soccer teams, that is -- left in the champions league. the draw has just been made for the quarter finals. let's take a look. bundesliga champions dortmind. bayern munich will answer the chances. the fixtures will be played at the beginning of april. >> over in formula one, the world champion books read that to go into the new season. the german driver dominated the two prac
will continue to carry out tests under leader kim jong un. the report says north korea keeps insissing that its nuclear program is to dear united states. it will continue to launch rockets with similar technology. >>> japan will provide over 5.1 billion yen or $540 million to myanmar. this will be the first assistance in 26 years. >>> japanese finance minister promised a lone during his meeting with myanmar president. he hoped the assistance would be available by the end of this month. japan settled on the amount of assistance after consulting with moon mash. japan will earmark 2 $12 million to improve port facilities. japan can participate in the large industrial complex under a bilateral memorandum exchanged late last year. $148 million will also be allocated to repair thermal power plants and transformer sub stations. the rest of the aid or roughly $180 million will be spent on improving roads and drinking water systems. myanmar's economy is expected to continue to grow, but the company still needs to improve its infrastructure. japanese businesses are eager to participate in myanmar's devel
dismissed the threat of a preemptive nuclear strike, saying such an attack would mark the end of kim jong un's regime. they also issued a strong warning to pyongyang. >> translator: any country that focuses exclusively on strengthening its military power while people are starving are bound to face self-destruction. >> prime minister shinzo abe says he'll deal with the situation in cooperation with the leaders of south korea and the united states. >> translator: the government has set up a crisis management system in the prime minister's office to deal with the situation. we'll work closely with the south koreans and americans. it goes without saying that we'll protect the lives and properties of the people. >>> chinese leaders voted in favor of the u.n. security council sanctions on north korea. they quoted an analyst as saying the chinese may have feared the north koreans were about to cross a red line. >>> roman catholic cardinals will gather next week to take part in a centuries-old tradition. spokespersons for the vatican say the conclave to elect a new pope will begin on tuesday. the ca
family remained in the uk so she could undergo rehabilitation. >>> kim jong-un holds all the top posts in north korea. leader of the ruling party, the military, and the stage. he's now reported to have a new title, dad. sources say he's now the father of a baby girl. one source learned about the birth from an official from the ruling korean workers party. former u.s. basketball player dennis rodman made a controversial visit to pyongyang last month. he told britain's sun newspaper that kim's wife talked about her newborn daughter, at a banquet. rumors began to circulate late last year that ri sol ju was expecting. she is reported to have given birth in january. observers say she must have, as she looks slimmer in recent pictures. >>> one of the late princess diana's most famous gowns has gone under the hammer in london. an anonymous buyer spent more than $360,000 on the dress she wore to dance with actor john travolta. the winning bidder says he bought it to cheer up his wife. >>> a vintage fashion auctioneer sold ten of diana's dresses for $1.3 million. the late princess originally so
against the u.s. the state run koreanen central news agency said earlier that leader kim jong un had ordered units for rockets to be on stand by. it's said he wants then to be ready to strike u.s. bases in south korea and the pacific and targets on the u.s. mainland at any time. rngt the leaders of japan and china are at odds over property in the area around them. they're prepared to encounter talks in may. but a one on one win abe would be hard to arrange. >> translator: we are not avoiding high-level talks. but it would not be desirable for top leaders to meet up in this agreement. >> ambassador chin noted the lack of progress. che >>> engineers at gentleman panel's fukushima daiichi plant are pinning their hopes on a new trool to help with a growing problem. water they've used to cool damaged areas is heating up. they're trying to get that water clone. the engineers say the new device is better than older models, because it can remove dozens more radioactive substances. there are three of these devices. they're only testing one. they say they're taking a cautious approach. they pl
communication between the country's two armies. kim jong-un's latest move comes in response to the u.s. and south korean military drills with nuclear capable bombers. north korean officials are expected to call a meeting of the korean workers party central committee soon. leaders are planning to convene the parliament on monday. a south korean defense spokesperson said his country won't accept pyongyang's threats. he said south korea will strike back against any north korean challenges. >> translator: north korea saying they've entered a state of war with south korea is unacceptable. such threats are harming peace and stability in the peninsula. >> south korean reporters have noted intense activity around the north's missile launch site. southern troops are working closely with the u.s. to monitor north korea's military movements. >>> the foreign minister says japan should collaborate with other countries to dissuade north korea from provocation. >> translator: japan has to work with the international community to press the north to refrain from causing further trouble. >> he said hi
kim jong un and troops. north korea may conduct another nuclear test or missile launch. >>> residents of the falkland islands are casting ballots on the future status. the autonomist country is asking whether they want to be part of their territory. they went to war over soverei sovereignty of the islands. the argentine government protested by banning vessels that make port calls in the falklands from entering argentine ports. the voting itself will be known as early as monday. the ar jean teen government has dismissed the referendum and is vowing not to accept the outcome. >>> every year a large number of people travel to britain, the u.s. and other countries to study english as a second language. but english is one of the official languages of the phillipines, and the country has become a popular learning. >> the english language environment in the phillipines have helped create the biggest one in the country. a 20-minute on-line message costs just a few dollars. these low prices and high quality means the lessons are high demand with learners from other parts of asia. this on-line
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13